How To Prevent Inexpensive Metal Jewelry From Changing Colors

Lots of people come by my store and ask me about how to protect cheap metal jewelry form changing colors, and I know they are annoyed by the tarnish of jewelry. They leave some green color on your skin and look pretty gross. Although they are relative more inexpensive from gold jewelry or diamond, but some customers adore very much as metal jewelry has a vintage look and they don’t want to abandon them even though they are affordable. I totally understand what they are thinking of, and I really do love some styles of metal jewelry at

900jewelryearrings How To Prevent Inexpensive Metal Jewelry From Changing Colors

Today we will discuss the available ways to protect your jewelry form tarnishing.

1. As sterling silver jewelry, cheap metal jewelry (brass, alloy, plated jewelry) should also be kept from oxygen and water. keep them in sealed plastic bag or box. Never wear your jewelry you are washing or sweating, which can easily turn your jewelry into some ugly colors, and sometimes they would leave water-proof color and hurt your skin as well.

2. You need a a small bowl, soft cloth, water, plain toothpaste and soft toothbrush. First, wipe your jewelry with soft cloth and clean the tarnish as possible as you can. Second, put a little toothpaste in bowl, then dip your metal jewelry into the bowl, and work them by using straight-line movements. Finally, wash and dry it, be sure you clean all the pastes. You will then get a better looking jewelry piece.

3. Use nail polish to clean the surface of skin that your jewelry touches, that will help to keep the nickel. The polish can not last longer, so you have to reapply the clear coat if necessary . Try your luck after the cleaning process, as you are likely to see results.

4. Buy much more quality cheap metal jewelry. Even inexpensive jewelry can be done from different jewelry maker, varies from low quality and top quality. You have to choose reliable and authoritative stores which have a solid product line. have been offering cheap and discount metal jewelry since 2003 , all those jewelry are produced by responsible china worker, so you don’t have to worry about them.

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